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ScentBurst ™ Snip Tubes 38 count jar

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ScentBurst ™ Snip Tubes 38 count jar

Price: $6.99

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ScentBurst™ Snip tubes are animal attractant scents encapsulated in a convenient snip tube, allowing you to use on your boots and clothing, the ground, trees, or other objects near your hunting location. We have attractant scents that really draw in bear, deer, and other animals.

Apply to your boots and walk to your blind as you are not contaminating the area with human scent.
ScentBurst™ is highly effective, easy to use. ScentBurst™ is legal where actual baiting is not. It is also a lot lighter, less expensive, saves time from getting actual food bait and having to load and unload it.
ScentBurst™ is available in 38 count snip tubes packaged in a plastic bottle for easy carry and protection against fluids and it is also packaged in boxes of 48 jar boxes for your store.

Scents are: Apple, Buck Lure-(Doe In Heat), Cedar and Corn.

Also Choose from single tube, twin pack, or bulk box of 2000 round in our .68 caliber series.

•Stomp with your boots
•Time-release on the ground
•Attracts deer or turkey
•Masks human odor
•Easy to use
•It Works
Check out the .68 caliber pellet guns Nelson Paint stocks! Scentburst is also available in .68 caliber pellets! Choose the T-68 Semi-Automatic Pistol or the Arrow Precision Inferno Pistol. These guns are located in our Projectiles section under Paintball Marker Guns.