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Deter-it™ CRASHER Glass Breaking Projectiles 10 Count Tube (Compare to Pepperball)

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Deter-it™ CRASHER Glass Breaking Projectiles 10 Count Tube (Compare to Pepperball)

Price: $19.00

officer by window:

Nelson has been the innovator of new solutions to age-old problems since its inception in 1940.

Nelson invented the paintbaIl in the early 1960’s.

Now Nelson has created new innovative tactical products to meet the demand from Military and Law Enforcement Agencies for an economical, effective method of compelling compliance and deterring undesired behavior from those who would fail to comply with authorities or seek to cause disruption and chaos.

We do so with pricing that matches the constrained budget reality that agencies face today.

Our products provide exceptional value and safety with a high degree of effectiveness, because we are owned in part by a former police canine officer. He demands that our products work as well as he would want them to if he were still working the street and depending on our products to help him make it back home safely.

Nelson helps turn your “No” people into “Yes” people!!

Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are extremely dense injection-molded Nylon projectiles designed to break vehicular and structural glass upon impact during hostage and barricade incidents. After the molding process, they are highly machined to ensure perfect tolerance and smooth, accurate flight.

Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles give teams and units opportunities to present the element of surprise, provide tactical diversions and distractions, aid in fatigue strategies, make purchase points for entry, and open entry channels for follow-up deployment of Deter-it HEAT and other chemical munitions.

Nelson Deter-it CRASHER allows break-and-rake techniques to be applied from tactically superior stand-off-distances with the benefit of solid cover, increasing the safety of breach team members.

In addition, the risk of spontaneous panic-driven violence from suspects during glass-breaking evolutions is greatly reduced by the use of Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles since the low sound signature of a paintball launcher is not mistaken for gunfire by barricaded suspects.

Loaded as the first Projectile in the Launcher, Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles can be followed by Nelson Deter-it HEAT Projectiles for almost-instantaneous coverage of the targeted area with OC to incapacitating effect.

Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are extremely resilient, allowing reuse during training when used against even moderately hard targets and have an operating range of -60 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit with an indefinite shelf life.

Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are available in 10 count plastic tubes, 140 count preloaded pods, 400 count plastic jars, or 2000 count bulk cases. Compare to Pepperball Glass Breaker projectiles.

Restricted for use by Law Enforcement, Military, and Government agencies, Nelson Deter-it CRASHER is proudly 100% made in the USA.

Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are not intended for use against humans or animals, and users should ensure their backdrop is clear to prevent injury.