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DT-105 Marking Gun FAQ

#1: What is the history of the old model D-103 Metal Gun?

A. We doubt we will see the old D-103 gun resurrected (but stranger things have happened). Our new gun design takes the tree-marking gun to the next level.

We did not manufacture the D-103 gun here at Nelson Paint. We were dealing with a distributor who was getting them built by yet another company. These were good guns years ago, but we were beginning to have quality control issues during the final 5-6 years that we sold the D-103. Too many of them were arriving with missing threads, bad threads, rusty parts, and therefore unusable.

We ended up having to do a second quality control check when they arrived, and we were seeing a 10-20% unacceptability rate from the get-go, not to mention the time and labor it took for inspection of each gun. We decided since we already built the LT-104 gun here we could do a better job ourselves with the metal gun too, and in March of 2010 Nelson Paint Company starting searching for a new manufacturer that would also redesign the metal gun.

We worked with CAD and casting companies to bring this gun to the market, which we did in 2012.

#2: Is the DT-105 made of Metal or Plastic?

A. The DT-105 is a copy of our LT-104 plastic-bodied gun, only made of polished metal, as was the old D-103 body.

#3: Does the DT-105 come in long trigger form and short trigger form?

A. The DT-105 takes both lengths of triggers, the two-finger or the three finger. We redesigned it so the finger spur at the bottom front of the body is lower allowing both triggers to fit.

Feedback from foresters over the years prompted us to do this. Some liked the three fingered trigger of the LT-104 gun but wished the gun was metal, while others would actually install a two-fingered trigger on their plastic LT-104s! So we listened to our customers and came up with the DT-105 (D=dual T=trigger; it will take either).

#4: How long was the trigger on the D-103?

A. The D-103 trigger is 2 5/8" long from top to bottom. Replacement triggers are still available.

#5: How long is the long trigger or trigger on the LT-104?

A. The LT-104 plastic trigger is 3 1/2" long overall. We offer them in plastic or metal.

#6: Are there any more D-103 guns left over?

A. No, we sold out of D-103s early in 2011.

#7: Are there any more D-103 Gun Body's left over (HW-43) and other special parts for the D-103?

A. We have assembled the last of the HW-43 bodies long ago to fulfill orders. We have none left. Very seldom do we ever get our hands on a used but serviceable metal gun body but it has happened. We assemble them into used guns and sell them that way (sorry, none are available at this time).

We still have an inventory of D-103 parts (except bodies of course). We have a limited supply of metal cylinders and screw-on adapters, for instance. As you may know, 75% of the parts in the LT-104 will work in the D-103. The main differences are A) the length of the upper piston rod, B) the length of the fluid tube, and C) the adapter that needs to be screwed on the D-103 in order for it to screw on a quart paint can.

The adapter makes the gun longer, so that is why the aforementioned parts cannot be interchanged with the LT-104. The adapter, fluid tube and upper piston rod are not real common parts in need of replacement so we expect to have enough for a while. However, the supply we do have on hand will eventually dry up and once they are gone, that’s it. Call (800) 236-9278 for current parts inventory.

Another reason for developing the DT-105 was to make it as short as the LT-104 gun, thus we would not need the screw-on adapter.

#8: Do you offer repair of the guns?

A. Yes. Gun repairs cost $35 plus parts/shipping. Please call our staff at (800) 236-9278 for more information. Often times we talk customers through simple problems/repairs over the phone.