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DETER-IT™ LESS LETHAL ANIMAL CONTROL PROJECTILES 2000 count. Deter-it™ is a highly effective kinetic energy projectile that is in use by a large number of local, state, and federal agencies throughout North America for animal control.
Deter-it™ is in use in several US National Parks. It is also being used as the main platform for black bear control in one of the larger Provinces in Canada.
Deter-it is far less expensive than other less lethal projectiles, such as rubber shotgun slugs, cracker rounds, rubber buckshot, or pepperball-type projectiles.
According to our government agency customers, the paintball gun Deter-it™ is fired from presents a softer public image than firearms.
Agencies also enjoy Deter-it™ because it can be used in much closer proximity to people during quiet hours because of the paintball gun's softer noise signature.

Deter-it™ has proven effective on coyotes, wolves, bear, and humans, chasing them from areas where they are not wanted, as well as deterring other undesired behavior. Deter-it™ is not intended for recreational use.

Deter-it™ Projectiles are gelatin projectiles containing a proprietary dense, non-toxic, environmentally friendly liquid.

Deter-it is designed to deliver approximately 17 ft/lbs of kinetic energy to a suspect or animal and compel deterrence of undesired behavior and compliance without penetration or other serious injury.

Deter-it™ Projectiles are a fraction of the cost of the less-lethal projectiles currently available on the market.

Deter-it™ Projectiles can be used with any standard .68 caliber paintball gun. Projectiles are accurate on targets up to 100 feet.

Deter-it™ Projectiles have an operating range of –30 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and have a shelf life in excess of 7 years. Deter-it™ is biodegradable.

Deter-it ™ Projectiles if it should break on impact with a solid object, the liquid is non-staining and will easily wash away.

Deter-it™ Projectiles are proudly made in the USA.

Deter-it™ Projectiles are for Military, Law Enforcement, or Professional Institutional use and should never be aimed at a person’s face, eyes, groin, throat, or spine.