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Tippman A-5 Marker w / Response Trigger

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Tippman A-5 Marker w / Response Trigger

Price: $229.95

Are you looking for a little bit more firepower than the stock Tippmann A5 marker?

Do you need a gun that is tough, and shoots fast?

The Tippmann A-5 with Response trigger is for you!!

Not only do you get the Tippmann A5 with built in, super fast "Rate of Fire" cyclone feed system, but you get the response trigger frame installed too!

The Response trigger frame is a gas assisted trigger rest mechanism, which helps you shoot faster. When you pull the trigger of your Tippmann A5 marker, the response trigger pushes that trigger forward automatically, so you can pull the trigger again. The reset motion can be custom adjusted on the fly, to help you shoot super fast 18 BPS+ or just a slight trigger assist 12 bps+.

The Tippmann A-5 Does all this without batteries!

The cyclone feed system is battery free, and so isn't the response trigger system.

This is the ultimate system for any SERIOUS woods baller.
Gun includes hopper