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Roll-A-Tex Texture Additive -1 pound FINE

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Roll-A-Tex Texture Additive -1 pound FINE

Price: $3.49

Roll-A-Tex Texture Additive permanently fills and covers cracks and flaws. Eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming crack repairs. Hides building defects whether old or new. Covers repaired surfaces in one coat, without priming. Prevents soaking, blotching and uneven paint color. Restores and beautifies in one low-cost application with a roller or brush.

A high-performance formula of texture additives that emulsify and become part of any paint. For use on drywall, plaster, cement block, poured concrete, stucco, brick or wood. Available in Fine, Medium or Coarse particle size for three distinct types of texture finishes. One pound treats one gallon.