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Savogran brand Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner 1 Lb.

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Savogran brand Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner 1 Lb.

Price: $3.49

Savogran brand Dirtex Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner is a quick dissolving powder. Powdered Dirtex is an excellent general-purpose household cleaner for all washable surfaces, but is gentle to hands and skin. It leaves surfaces clean without rinsing or streaking to save time. This is ideal for cleaning walls and woodwork before repainting or rewaxing. One pound box.

Trisodium phosphate is best known as the TSP cleaner but it is also a food additive, degreaser and stain remover. Physically, the TSP cleaner is identified as a solid with a crystallized or granular white texture that produces an alkaline solution when it is dissolved in water. Most of the time, the commercial version of the TSP cleaner already comes pre-mixed with water for easier application. The general recipe for creating your very own TSP cleaner solution would be to mix a quarter cup of TSP with two gallons of hot water. For heavier cleaning, double the amount of TSP to half a cup instead. If you're really desperate to

clean stubborn stains, try mixing one whole cup of TSP with three quarters of water instead. The reason why TSP cleaner is an extremely efficient cleaner is because of its high alkaline content that is able to react well with grease and oils. The TSP cleaner is actively used in cleaning everything from clothes to concrete driveways because of its economical price and efficiency. Some members of the public also believe that mixing the TSP cleaner with household chlorine bleach is also a good recipe when it comes to removing mildew as well.

While the TSP cleaner is also integrated into toilet bowl cleaning tablets, do note that TSP can corrode metal and grout over a longer period of usage.

TSP and Masonry
If you intend to do some masonry housekeeping, then having the TSP cleaner in your cleaning arsenal could be a good idea. Unfortunately, this cleaning agent would not be as effective on efflorescence (i.e. mortar staining) so you might want to consider packing in muriatic acid in your pack as well. Having said that, muriatic acid is acid, so do take note that this chemical is much more dangerous when compared with the TSP cleaner.

TSP and Wall Painting
The TSP cleaner is also useful for wall painters as it helps clean, degrease and de-gloss the walls. Using this cleaner also means that you won't ever have to sandpaper your wall clean anymore, either.

This cleaner helps you further prep your wall for painting by breaking down the gloss in oil based paints which then opens up pores in the wall in order to help you easily lay on the paint. When using your TSP cleaner for this purpose, do remember to thoroughly rinse your wall and allow the surface area to completely dry before you begin painting.

TSP and Roofs
TSP can also be used to clean roofs of older houses, but do take note that accidentally spilling your TSP cleaner can kill the foliage surrounding your house. In order to protect your trees and plants, make sure you soak all of the flora in water first before applying TSP on to your rooftop. Once you're done cleaning your roof, rinse your plants again with another round of water in order to remove any excess TSP that might have trickled towards them.

TSP and Grout
If people tell you that TSP can't clean grout, then they're right. What TSP can do though is that it can thoroughly remove grout that has been dried up. All you need to do is to spray grout onto the old grout, wait for a few minutes and then manually remove it.

TSP and Hardwood Floors
In the event that you come across flooring that has been damaged by soot and nicotine, do not panic. First of all, clean as much as the surface area as you can with soap. Next, apply TSP and begin your cleansing process. Once the TSP has been cleaned out, you should do something about the odour that has been absorbed into the hardwood flooring. All you need to so is to re-sand and re-finish your flooring.

TSP and Gas Tanks
Overtime, rust will form over the gas tanks of motorcycles. The good news is that a combination of electrolysis and TSP works well in removing the rust build-up. The first thing you need to do is to remove the gas tank and air dry for at least an hour.

Next, attach a coil to the battery charger's head and then insert another end of the coil into the gas tank filled completely with a TSP and water solution. Make doubly sure that the coil does not come into contact with the surface of the fuel tank as it is metallic.