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Dura-Built LT-104-LMT Tree Marking Gun (three finger pull Metal trigger)

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Dura-Built LT-104-LMT Tree Marking Gun (three finger pull Metal  trigger)

Price: $152.99

Available Now!

The Nelson LT-104 Durabuilt Gun is the original lightweight dependable tree marking and light oil lubrication gun and has been around for decades. Produced since 1993, this time tested and popular gun has the same parts as the DT-105 Gun, but the body is constructed of lighter weight, impact resistant plastic, designed for winter comfort or for simply a lighter weight for all day use. Comes attached with a heavy duty three-finger pull metal trigger and is also available with our two finger pull metal trigger, or three finger pull plastic trigger.

What is available for immediate purchase and shipment are:

HW-3PLT Plastic Long Trigger
HW-3MST Metal Short Trigger
HW-3MLT Metal Long Trigger

We also have three nozzle sizes for this gun including:
.021 orifice HW-59 nickel plated nozzle for fan spray (The standard nozzle which comes with the gun)
.029 orifice brass plated HW-60 nozzle for stream spray and easy trigger pull
.035 orifice black brass HW-58 nozzle for stream spray and easiest trigger pull.
(These parts are immediately available in the Tree Marking Gun Parts category.)

The guns come fully assembled. As a service, we offer below the assembly instructions if you are in need of changing parts.

&mvt:product:customfield_values:customfields:pdf1; LT-104 assembly instructions.pdf