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Kingman Spyder MR 2 Electronic Marker

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Kingman Spyder MR 2 Electronic Marker

Price: $229.99

The Spyder MR2 is a electronic marker, and is the first military-style electronic marker designed by Kingman Group.

Much like the mechanical Spyder MR1, it has an offset feed neck for rifle-like sighting, a 12 inch muzzle brake barrel, an anti-double feed detent to prevent misloading and a matte black finish.

Unlike the MR1, however, the MR2 has a raised sight rail for easing mounting of a scope or sight, an ACS 2.0 second generation anti-chop bolt and a snap grip bolt that eliminates the outside movement of the bolt during firing.

Being an electronic paintball marker, the MR2 uses a 9.6 V rechargeable battery that is included with purchase.
It features automatic, semi-automatic, and burst fire modes that can easily be changed at any time using a rate of fire activator in the back of the pistol grip.
It can fire at 25 balls per second in semi-automatic firing mode.
It also has a two finger trigger (or double trigger) for fast firing in semi-automatic.