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Nelson Alkyd White Zone and Curb Marking- Gallon single

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Nelson Alkyd White Zone and Curb Marking- Gallon single

Price: $34.89

Nelson Alkyd White Zone Marking paint is a heavy bodied, heavily pigmented, fast drying paint perfect for curbing and lines that are subject to heavy traffic and heavy wear. This paint may be applied by natural bristle brush, roller or reduced for spraying. Clean up immediately with VM & P Naptha or Mineral Spirits. Covers 350' of 4" band.

Use it for marking curbs and lines in the middle of the road or crosswalks, parking lots, runways or other pavement marking situations. Nelson exclusive formula of Zone Marking can also be utilized in the making of decorations in that, this very thick and quick dry paint is perfect for dipping branches or pine cones tips for a "snowy" look. While the paint is wet add glitter to the project you are working on for a glimmery decorative touch. We can also tint this to pastel shades at no charge for other seasonal holidays. Give us a call!