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4-49 Low Sheen Black Equipment Enamel-quart-single

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4-49 Low Sheen Black Equipment Enamel-quart-single

Price: $12.89

A possibility using low sheen black on a vehicle:
Another possibility, convert an old pool table to look like new!:
Redo a gate or fence with low sheen black!:

An alkyd modified polyurethane enamel which can be used on a multitude of surfaces. Nelson Alkyd Modified Polyurethane Equipment Enamel can be used on newly primed metals, older but clean painted metal surfaces (do a patch test for adhesion check), primed wood, fiberglass, cement, cinder block and brick. Use it on machinery and equipment, metal structures, frames and docks, playground equipment, gymnasium walls, wooden structures, cement floors (add sand for non slip protection), wood floors, work benches, safety lines for floors, pipes and walls, ATVs, snowmobiles, racing cars, trailers, cabinets (wood and metal), countertops, wood, metal and hard plastic tables, chairs and benches, fiberglass, anywhere (inside or outside) where a lower sheen finish is desired. Coverage is 100 square feet per quart depending on method of application. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. Self leveling. Reduce and cleaned up with Mineral Spirits or Xylene. 32 fluid ounces. Packaged in a lined friction top quart can.