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Pellet Mark
Oil-Based Paint
Marking Pellet
Single Box

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Red<br>Pellet Mark<br>Oil-Based Paint<br>Marking Pellet <br>Single Box

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oil based pellet close up:

PELLET MARK 4-6 year durability (on trees) Oil based paintballs are designed to be fired from a .68 caliber paintball pellet gun to mark hard-to-reach targets from a distance. They are used to mark trees and animals from across ravines, over difficult-to-traverse ground, across streams, or from horseback, vehicle or helicopter.

PELLET MARK has been adopted for use by foresters, cattlemen, ranchers, livestock managers, wildlife biologists, and animal control agencies. PELLET MARK oil based paintballs have been used on every continent, even Antarctica!

PELLET MARK oil based paintballs work well in wet conditions and are the remote animal marking device of choice for a number of marine biologists, due to its ability to provide a lasting mark on animals that live in and out of the water. They are ideal for use by wildlife control and animal control agencies for identification of problem animals.

Animals that have been successfully marked with PELLET MARK include cows, sheep, deer, lions, tigers, seals, sea lions, bison, penguins, dogs, coyotes, wolves, and birds. Its durability is legendary. The paint actively binds to the animalís fur, feather, or skin, resulting in a bright mark. Longevity varies by animal species and behavior. NELSON PELLET MARK provides the most efficient method of animal marking and animal control available in the market.

Available in five primary and secondary colors and two fluorescent colors. Choose 120 count boxes, packaged in 12 plastic tubes per box or by bulk case of 2500 rounds.

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