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Durable Plano 1612 Plastic Box (less tray) 0795s

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Durable Plano 1612 Plastic Box (less tray) 0795s

Price: $5.00

Durable Plano 1612 plastic box less tray. Deep well. Top access lid with water-resistant O-ring seal opens to reveal deep storage, making this box a great choice for in the field, range, forest, or simply for home and more!

A large, comfortable handle makes it convenient to haul from the range, hunting blind , job site or room to room, and is convenient and small enough to store in a closet or shelf to store your items neatly. Durable plastic and smartly designed.

Fits ammunition, animal calls, small tools, flashlight, sewing or craft items, cards, paperwork, forestry gear, tools, or anything else you may need in the field or in the home or office.

Top access storage built into the lid. Secure brass bailed style latch closes tight for a no spill and tight seal. Comfortable oversized handle.

Some suggested uses are:
Stores up to 9 aerosol cans upright
Stores up to 5 Qts. Nelson Tree Marking Daily Cleaner or Heavy Duty Gun Cleaner
Stores up to 5 qts. Nelson Tree Marking quarts
Stores up to 10 each LT-104 guns
Stores forestry gun parts
Stores up to 6 each T-68 Pistols
Stores up to 6 each 9" roller covers plus 5 each 4" roller covers
Stores up to 12 each 3" or 4" roller frames
Stores up to 12 each long sash style handle professional grade paint brushes
Stores up to 10 rolls of 2" masking tape
Stores up to 2 reams of paper (500 sheets per ream)with room for other items!
Stores up to 2000 rounds of .68 caliber paint pellets

Product dimensions: 15" long x 8" wide x 10" high
Inside Measurements: 7" deep X 7" wide X 13" long
Top tray inside lid dimensions: 11-5/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1-5/8" deep

Black only. Does not contain lift out tray or gasket.