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3.3 Gal Pail w/ lid

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3.3 Gal Pail w/ lid

Price: $0.25

MARK-DOWN! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Plastic 3.3 gallon Buckets allow you to securely store food, liquids, or other items. Pails are stackable, so you can save space in tight storage areas. Designed for industrial strength storage, these buckets are ideal for long term storage of a wide array of other household items. Wide-mouth buckets give you easier access to your items, and the large capacity pail allows you to store large quantities. Reusable lid has air tight seal.

These pails are ideal for items that do not require the full size of a 5-gallon pail for storage. Because of the printing on the pails, we are offering them at an incredibly low price!!

Keeps items dry. Ideal for use as emergency storage container. Includes lid. Used by us for a discontinued line of paintballs, these new pails will perfectly hold 2000 paintballs as well as liquids or anything you wish to use them for. Comes with non-removable printed labels on all 4 sides.